Varnishing Search Performance
posted at February 17, 2018 with tags elasticsearch, presentation

This week hosted an Elastic User Group NL meetup titled Changing the (search) engine of a racecar going 300 km/h. The abstract of the presentations were as follows:

Almost 2 years ago decided to move towards an Elasticsearch-powered search engine. But how do you approach such a project? Who do you involve and what do you need to (not) do? The engineers at would like to share their experiences about this migration, in 4 short talks.

And among those 4 short talks, I took the stage with Varnishing Search Performance.

Searching is peanuts. You setup your Elasticsearch cluster (or better find a SaaS partner) and start shooting your search queries against it. Well… Not really. If we put the biblical data ingestion story aside, it won’t take long to realize that even moderately complicated queries can become a bottleneck for those aiming for <50ms query performance. Combine a couple of aggregations, double that for facets of range type, add your grandpa’s boosting factors to the scoring, and there you go; now you are a search query performance bottleneck owner too! Maybe I am exaggerating a bit. Why not just start throwing some caches in front of it? Hrm… We actually thought of that and did so. Though it brought a mountain of problems along with itself, and there goes my story.

The slides are available in PDF and ODP formats.